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How can you hit the curveballs life throws our way?

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At 28, Dan was leading a healthy, active life. After an optometrist appointment to identify the cause of his persistent headaches was cut short, he was handed a sealed envelope and told to go directly to the hospital.

What followed, was emergency brain surgery. On June 21, 2014, Dan's reality was shattered by a devastating brain hemorrhage. With no map to guide him on the gruelling path to recovery, Dan had to rely on his grit, perseverance, and resilience to relearn everything he once knew: how to walk, talk and even smile.

Dan has survived two emergency brain surgeries, weeks in a coma, and months in a rehab hospital. What he found out along the way might surprise you: there is nothing like a brain injury to refocus the mind! Driven by a positive mindset, Dan battled through excruciating rehab exercises to rebuild his life and return to a job he loved.

He’s grateful for the doctors who saved him and the friends and family who supported him. Now he wants to pay it forward. The tools Dan used to build back his life can be used by anyone facing challenges. He will reveal strategies to help you or your team be

#BetterThanYesterday and achieve your goals, one step at a time. His action-oriented life hacks will help you tackle anything you face.

Through his talks, his audiences were moved and uplifted by Dan's story and ready to use his practical approaches to triumph over adversity.

Join Dan to learn how changing your perspective can activate your resilience.

Dan is the survivor of x 2 emergency brain surgeries. He had to relearn how to walk, talk and smile again. He speaks about Incremental improvements, that compound over time. These can and do lead to significant results. He strives to be better than yesterday and passes along action-oriented hacks to help you and your team thrive.

Odds are you will not face a traumatic brain injury, but I can promise you will be called to face some adversity in your life. Are you prepared to face it?

About Dan

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Speaking Topics

Moon shot goal-setting - How to set audacious goals and reach them.jpeg

Moon shot goal-setting - How to set audacious goals and reach them.

This all started in the rehab hospital, where Dan had to write out small, achievable goals each week. Some were as simple as transferring from the bed to the wheelchair in less time or making it around the halls twice with a walker. And then the goals got bigger; managing 44 steps so he could go home for a weekend, and even learning to ski again. Dan will walk you through how setting goals will help you move forward and achieve what you once thought impossible.


Resilient mindset. “It was not easy, but it was simple.”.jpeg

Resilient mindset. “It was not easy, but it was simple.”

It took a no-quit, positive attitude for Dan to progress and rebuild his life. He will show how small steps forward can lead to huge gains in your life.


Your mindset colours everything you do, let Dan help you foster one that builds your resilience.

Mental health_ How you can overcome your obstacles by reframing them.jpeg

Mental health: How you can overcome your obstacles by reframing them.

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react that matters.”-Epictetus.

Dan will illuminate how changing your perspective can make all the difference in tackling challenges. Everyone’s mental health was affected by the pandemic. Dan offers a compass that helps you discover a more positive space.

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“Dan’s keynote was one of the most inspirational speaking engagements I’ve heard (virtual or live)! His honesty, humour, and approach to the challenges he has faced really resonated. Regardless if you’ve struggled with trauma or mental health challenges, Dan’s story will absolutely strike a cord, reminding us all how to live better lives and be grateful for what we have.”

Meghan MacDonald
Enterprise Account Executive

“It was an incredibly heartening and captivating presentation, and you would be hard-pressed to find anything more inspirational than Dan's recounting of his life experiences.

Dan was both heartfelt and genuine, and hearing how he courageously coped and has learnt to deal post his injury, is a 'must-listen' for anyone who has encountered traumatic events and significant setbacks.

I'd recommend this to anyone yearning for something riveting and meaningful to listen to! You'll come away deeply inspired!”

Nikhil Gupta
Implementation Lead at Enable | Customer Success


“Dan's session was inspiring, vulnerable and educating. He left the audience with a real understanding of his story but also presented practical tips on how to be resilient in the face of adversity.

He helps his audience recognize the strain that physical health challenges can have on mental health and shares some techniques on how to overcome and get through challenges. He is an inspirational leader and we are better for having had him share his story.”

Tara Ataya
Chief People and Diversity Officer at Hootsuite

“The pandemic has taken a huge toll on our mental health but hearing Danny Mac’s session really helped me get back to the right mindset and implement a good strategy to be #betterthanyesterday.

If I had to describe how I feel after Dan’s virtual keynote, it would have to be two words: Inspired--by Dan’s incredible journey--and empowered, because of the great advice that he shares with his audience. I would 100% recommend this session to everyone! Thank you, Dan!”

Julio Gonzalez
Solutions Consultant


“Dan is a gifted and authentic speaker, who is able to translate the exceptional challenges he has experienced into life lessons we can all benefit from. Dan is able to connect with his audience in a way that is rare. Being able to hear Dan speak is a gift to his audience. Recommend everyone take any opportunity to witness his story and hear his perspective”

Sherry McRae
Director, Professional Services (NA) at Hootsuite

“Dan’s session was inspiring, courageous and motivational. He is a powerful storyteller and his use of personal anecdotes, imagery and question and answer session made for a captivating and dynamic discussion. Thank you, Dan, for your openness and bravery — it’s clear that our employees from across the globe were moved by your presentation.”

Erinn Stewart
Account Manager at Hootsuite | Social Media Advisor | Content Creator (she/her)


"Dan's presentation took me by surprise - in the best way possible. I did not expect the humour and wit that Daniel brought to his story. I left his presentation with a new perspective on life and to appreciate what I have. I felt very fortunate to hear Dan's story and highly recommend listening for yourself if you get the chance.”

Andrea Johb
Sr. Customer Account Manager | Former Principal Solutions Consultant | Customer experience & happiness

"I was blown away by Dan's lived experience. The vulnerability and authenticity were incredibly refreshing and powerful. Stopping the victim mentality, focusing on successes and establishing routines are just some of the few takeaways that resonated with me. Truly Inspiring!!"

Olivia Goldsmith
Customer Success Manager


"In October 2021 Dan was a keynote speaker at Hootsuite in honor of World Mental Health Day. Dan inspired Hootsuite employees from across the globe with his story of resilience and perseverance to deal with a Traumatic Brain Injury. The audience was blown away by Dan’s courage to embrace vulnerability as a way to build meaningful connections. Dan, Thank you for giving me and all Hootsuite peeps who attended the event the opportunity to learn from you and to be moved by your story!"

Gabriela Jordao
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager

"It has been a pleasure collaborating with Daniel. His passion, purpose, and storytelling ability captivate an audience and inspire positive action. If you are looking for a speaker who motivates people to focus on what they can control - Dan is your man. He is a true example of resilience and I look forward to working with him in the future."

Brad Hook
Speaker, Author, Partner Resilience Institute Global


"Dan's inspiring story of perseverance and optimism was both eye-opening and invigorating. The passion and genuine nature of how the topic of an extremely traumatic event is transformed into a zest for life gives me a lot to think about. The straightforward but important hacks are things I will use in my days starting tomorrow. Life is short and Dan inspires me to be a better person as I travel through it.

Dean Johnson

Vice President, Development at Wesgroup Properties

"Dan brings very warm and welcoming energy. Even though he is speaking for a crowd he somehow makes it feel like he is talking to you. He brought some genuine and authentic humour to a heavy topic. It is inspiring to see how he was able to do it. It made me challenge what I think is possible in my life"

Fyfe Barraclough
Mental Fitness and Coaching for Entrepreneurs


"I couldn’t help but appreciate Dan’s raw honesty. His disclosure of the ‘two for the road’ motivation really stuck with me - and I was left in humble appreciation of someone telling it like it is for once, not how we think it should be. If anyone who hears this talk doesn’t walk away with the realization that their second life has just started, then they weren’t listening (or already knew)."

Mitchell Ballentine
Brand Builder

"Your authenticity, honesty, empathy and sincerity of motivation really stand out. Your wry and dry sense of humour… your ability to chuckle at yourself… to take the subject area seriously but not yourself - all contribute to help forge your understated style."

Kevin Evans
Former CBC News Anchor


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